question: is jobnet a placement agency?

answer: no, jobnet is not a placement agency.
the jobnet website is like the job-listing section of a newspaper on the internet. jobnet is not compensated for placing employees but for advertising the positions on the site.

question: what ways can i search for positions?

1. “search by field” – locates positions by the requested professional field and by position titles within each field.
2. “search by keyword” – locates positions containing the specific keyword(s).
3. “search by company” – locates positions by company.

question: how can i find out whether i already sent my resume in response to a certain job ad?

answer: by clicking on sent cv (via the home page or any other page on the side menu) you can view all of the positions for which you sent your resume during any time period, whether you sent your resume via outlook or via the website.

another way to tell whether you sent your resume in reply to a given job notice is to highlight the "send resume via website" link inside the job listing or highlight the e-mail address listed in the ad.
these links are normally light blue, but when you click on one of them it turns scarlet.

question: i sent my résumé to a company and have not received a response. is it possible to receive the telephone number of the company that posted the position for which i applied?

answer: the companies that post positions on jobnet decide the ways they would like to receive résumés. most of the companies post their telephone number as well, however those that do not, allow correspondence via e-mail or fax.


question: i have come across positions, which were posted by placement agencies, that have appeared for a while without any changes in content, but the date is occasionally updated. is the position still available?

answer: the placement agencies tend to search for employees to fill openings in the same type of position at several companies. their most lucrative way to operate is to send the résumés that have been collected for the same position to several companies with which the placement agency works. therefore, if you viewed a position that has already appeared on the site for a while, it is likely that it is intended for several companies with which the placement agency works. you should continue to send your résumé for the same position because although you were not suitable for company x, it is still possible that you will be suitable for company y, which requested an employee from the placement agency for the same position this week. sending your résumé for the same position is like informing the placement agency that you are still interested in the position and available to be hired, which will increase your chances of finding employment.


question: further to the previous question, what if the position that has been advertised for a while on the site is from an actual company and not a placement agency?

answer: answer: in this case the company is probably looking for a very specific kind of person who meets a precise set of requirements, which would explain why the position has yet to be filled after appearing for a long time. sometimes a company will alter its considerations if, for example, it cannot wait any longer to find the specific job candidate it was looking for. if you resubmit your resume you might receive a reply. another possibility: the company recruited an employee and wants to recruit a second employee for the exact same position. in light of these two possibilities, in this case it is advisable to send your resume at least once every two weeks in order to report you are still available for the job.

question: how often are the positions on the site updated?

answer: the companies themselves, as well as the jobnet staff, continually update the positions on the site. the more recent the date, the more likely the post is still relevant. if you come across a position that is no longer valid but still appears on the site, we would appreciate if you would inform us at info@jobnet.co.il and we will clarify the matter with the company.


question: i sent my résumé to apply for a position two weeks ago. the position was taken off the site and today, i saw it again. is the position available? should i send my résumé again or rely on the first time i sent it?

answer: a company will sometimes take a position off the site after it has received many résumés. afterwards, the company will repost the position on the site because none of the candidates who sent résumés were suitable, or because the company would like to hire an additional person for the same position. therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to resend your résumé to apply for the position again in order to inform the company of your interest in the position and your availability to be hired.

question: is it possible to schedule an interview with you?

answer: jobnet online is not a placement or manpower agency and therefore does not interview candidates, except for when clarifying details during initial screenings that we perform for some of the member companies on the site.

question: i sent my résumé to a specific company and they have not responded. what should i do?

answer: once you send your résumé, it is evaluated to see if you are suitable for the position. for some of the companies, jobnet performs the initial evaluation for suitability. if you have not been contacted, it is likely that you do not meet the requirements for that specific position (please note: sometimes not all of the requirements for a position are posted). in addition, if there is a position in which you are interested and you believe you are suitable for it, it is worthwhile and even recommended that you contact the company and clarify with the employer where things stand.
regardless, do not give up! continue sending your résumé and remember the basic formula for effective networking: the more résumés you send, the higher your chances of finding employment.


question: certain job ads show a job description and a list of qualifications in english, but many positions have no description or qualifications listed. why not?

answer: israeli companies prefer to advertise primarily in hebrew. some advertise certain positions with an english translation. unfortunately, because companies placing ads often lack time and prefer to advertise only in hebrew, some ads show only a heading and contact information without a description and a list of qualifications. we recommend those conversant with hebrew click on the hebrew link provided in the job ad and read the description and qualifications in hebrew.

if you have a question that was not answered, please do not hesitate to ask us via the following link: contact us

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