About Us

jobnet.co.il is israel’s leading job listings site. founded in may 1997 with funding by the science ministry and the samis foundation, the site was set up to advance several goals: to foster employment in israel, to spur israeli companies to make use of the internet (which was just getting started at the time) and to encourage aliyah by enabling job advertising on a platform that crossed borders and continents for the sake of the jewish community around the globe.


from the start, the site acquired an outstanding reputation and solidified its position as a central meeting place for israel’s jobseekers and employers.


jobseekers enjoy the benefits of free access to the site, a varied selection of positions updated daily and direct access to hiring companies via e-mail, phone or fax.


many leading companies advertise on the site, along with small organizations in the process of growth and development. a total of over 1000 companies post ads on the site, representing a range of industries: high-tech, employment agencies, service providers and many other companies from various fields.


at jobnet online we believe in providing reliable, efficient service, therefore the positions are constantly updated.


the positions, articles and information on the site reflect developments in the israeli job market. you are invited to visit the site and take note of the range of offerings, fill out a questionnaire, participate in the weekly survey, subscribe to jobneton and of course find a job or an employee.

wishing you an enjoyable and successful visit to our site,

the jobnet online staff.



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