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Success Story – Hila Meitav, Administrative Assistant at Netwise / by Hadas Shimoni

This article relates the story of Hila Meitav, 24, who found her job at Netwise through the Jobnet site. Hila was hired four months ago to work as company secretary. After three years of working at a government company and gaining extensive experience in administrative work, she decided to switch to a new job. She was happy to get hired as administrative manager and assistant to the CEO.

On Netwise:
Netwise is an Israeli company that leads the way in setting up Internet systems for organizations. The company provides a complete solution to realize the client’s potential on the Web, from the initial founding stage through characterization and design to fit the user, development, testing, integration and full operation of the system and managing its contents.
Company clients include over 120 large enterprises such as the Tel Aviv Securities Exchange, Phoenix, Bank Leumi, Bank Discount, Bank Hapoalim, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Finance Ministry (the gov.il project), Partner, Cellcom, Amdocs, El Al and more.

Why did you decided to look for a new job after a period of three years?
“Before Netwise I worked at a government company in the legal department as head secretary. I gained as much expertise as possible in secretarial work and office management. Eventually, after several years, I decided to leave because I wanted to advance and get to know a different content world.”

Hila Meitav at the Netwise offices

How did you conduct the search process?
“I sent out my resume through job search sites, but I focused on Jobnet because it’s a well-known site that posts a lot of job openings and is easy to operate, convenient and effective. I applied for a lot of positions demanding responsibility, in interesting content worlds from the field of administration such as secretarial work, office management, assistant to the CEO, etc. I was looking for a job where I’d be able to acquire experience in administration and at the same time enjoy a young and supportive atmosphere.”

Why did you wind up choosing Netwise?
“During the course of the days when I went to the company for interviews I met nice, smiling people who gave me a good feeling. Also, the job sounded challenging and fit my abilities. During the recruitment process they stressed over and over again that Netwise is a company that likes to promote its employees rather than bring in outsiders, and for a young woman like me working on a bachelor’s degree, there might be good opportunities for advancement. The company has an assortment of positions, from systems analysis or project management to testing, if I wind up falling in love with the technology side.”

What kinds of tasks do you carry out as head of administration and assistant to the CEO?
“Netwise now has 200 employees and I serve as the only company secretary. As a result, in addition to responsibility for regular office operations I also provide support and assistance to various departments at the company, provide service to all of the employees, answer phones and receive visitors. I serve as assistant to the CEO and the deputy CEO, and my areas of responsibility are growing from day to day.”

What kind of a place is Netwise in terms of the atmosphere and character of the company?
“Netwise is an amazing company. The atmosphere is pleasant and there’s bonding and supportiveness among the workers. What makes the company unique is that the top managers treat me and the other employees as individuals, addressing us as equals and in a friendly manner. The doors are always open – and not just in theory. You can sit down and talk with anybody freely. Netwise is more than a workplace. A lot of emphasis is placed on employee activities during work hours and in the afternoon. They hold a company breakfast almost every month and distribute holiday gifts to all of the employees. I’m glad to come in to work in the morning and am pleased with the way the company is run in general and with my own job.”

Do you feel you’ve really advanced professionally since your arrival here and do you see yourself at the company for an extended period?
“Certainly. I’ve gotten a very good impression of my challenging job and the way the company is operated. During the four months I’ve been here I’ve gotten to know a supportive company that knows how to guide its employees and place its confidence in them. Netwise is characterized first and foremost by its youthful spirit, supportive management and high-caliber staff.”

A good match?
“I’m glad I’ve had the chance to work at Netwise. I can definitely describe getting hired by the company as a major personal and professional success for me. I feel I’ve progressed a lot since coming here, both in terms of my job, which demands I take charge of matters, participate in decision-making and often be creative. I believe with all my heart that this is the start of a fabulous friendship and hope that I’ll be able to develop myself at the company for years to come.”

Do you have any advice for jobseekers?
“I think everything depends on having a positive attitude. Every job candidate who tries to find a suitable position has to believe in himself, be optimistic and stay focused, and then getting hired will be closer than ever.”

Anat Gutman, human resources coordinator, talks about Netwise’s uniqueness:
“During the course of its years in operation Netwise has maintained its unique character. It’s not a large, bureaucratic company, even though it has already grown to 200 employees. You get a sense that everybody knows everybody else, and everybody is open to what other people have to say. When I interview job candidates I put a lot more emphasis on the candidate’s personality than professionalism. After all, you can teach anyone the profession, but you can’t teach people to be nice. Partnership and teamwork are fundamental values at Netwise and help the company preserve its uniqueness.”

How is Netwise coping with the difficult economic situation?
“We’re preparing for the economic situation both in the immediate future and in a work plan for the start of 2009. As part of these preparations we’ve decided to be very calculating in our recruitment process. This will ensure that even if the company does not grow as we’d like it to, it will remain profitable and stable – ready to realize the market potential as soon as it opens up.”

How helpful has your cooperation with the Jobnet site been in meeting your recruitment needs?
“Jobnet has served us faithfully for two years. Working with the site is easy and convenient, so that as a customer I can advertise, update and remove job openings at any time as needed. Also, the resumes that are sent directly to our e-mail address are focused, high quality and meet the job requirements. This year we recruited 11 employees via Jobnet and we’re very pleased with all of them. We’ve also seen that the Jobnet staff cares about its customers and constantly work hard to improve the system to make it accessible to the customer.”

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