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Success Story – Ophir Weinerman, Technical Support Manager, Point of View Software Ltd. / Hadas Shimoni

Ophir Weinerman, 31, spent nine years working at an international shipping company in a variety of managing positions. During that period he earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and management at the Open University. Ophir wasn’t planning to go into programming until getting promoted to the job of BI systems implementer. After undergoing a comprehensive training program he fell in love with business intelligence and decided to look for a new job where he could specialize in the field. Three months ago Ophir started working as a technical support manager at Point of View Software Ltd., a job he found through the Jobnet site.

Point of View Software is a BI company that develops PointOfViewTM, a BI platform for organizations that has been installed for hundreds of Israeli and foreign clients in sectors such as industry, telecom, high tech, finance, healthcare, retail, government and kibbutzim. The platform provides all of the reporting and analysis capabilities the organization needs: coordinating and managing all company reports from all information systems at the company on one central platform, distributing reports and documents via internet/intranet to authorized users and a variety of advanced analysis and BI capabilities. The company also maintains a BI consulting department that includes developers, systems analysts and project managers specializing in the implementation and assimilation of the world’s leading OLAP, DWH, BI technologies.

What made you leave your prior job after nine years?
“As an operations and customer service manager I learned a whole lot at the shipping company where I worked, but when I got promoted to a BI position I felt I had found my professional calling, so I made a decision to switch to an organization where I’d be able to develop in the information systems, acquiring as much business intelligence expertise as possible. I looked for a high-tech company that focuses on BI, where I’d be able to make a contribution based on the knowledge and experience I had gained, and where I’d be able to express myself.”

Ophir Weinerman, technical support manager (left), and Shiri Mausner,
 human resources manager (right), at the company offices

How did you conduct your search for a new job? Did you send out your resume while still at your previous job?
“The process was quick because I was focused during the search. I applied via the Jobnet site to a limited number of companies specializing in BI. Before sending out my resume I notified my direct supervisor I planned to leave. During the time of my job search I started a course on implementing SAP BW. I felt a need to find a new job fast and start my new career, because I was young and inexperienced, and it was important to me to gain knowledge and experience as quickly as possible.”

What is business intelligence all about?
“A business intelligence system provides the organization with the ability to operate in a competitive and dynamic market, to predict events based on analysis of behavior and trends, to respond to the new and changing needs and requirements and to identify economic advisability. It’s really about information infrastructures and quality information to make informed decisions at all levels of management and execution at the organization, using advanced tools for reporting, analyzing irregularities and gauging performance. BI tools provide the end user availability and access to information without having to go through professional personnel to produce information and assist managers and employees make decisions quickly and efficiently.”

What did you like about the world of business intelligence?
“Not only is business intelligence varied and more complex than other fields, but the work also combines interpersonal communication with deep thinking. I confront a new challenge every day, so the work is dynamic and requires investing a lot in study and understanding. The BI world is also fascinating and constantly developing.”

How did Point of View come into your life?
“A short time after sending in my resume I got a call from Shiri Mausner, the company’s human resources manager, who invited me to come to their offices. From the very first interview with the department manager I felt an immediate click. It was a nice, flowing introductory conversation followed by a short test of my professional skills, which I passed. A week later I came in for another interview, this time with the vice president of development, who focused more on professional issues and personal details. I left feeling great and an inner voice told me this was the company for me. I’m the type of person who follows his instincts, so I postponed the other interviews I had scheduled and continued with Point of View alone.”

What drew you to Point of View?
“I liked the fact that during the recruitment process there was a complete coordinating of expectations between me and the management. I saw a future at the company, and an ability to learn and make an impact. Also, as a customer service manager, I had an advantage over the other candidates, whose skills were limited to development, and I wanted to make use of this added value to contribute to the success of the company.”

What is your job of technical support manager all about?
“I work both as a programmer and a technical support person at the Point of View portal and work directly with the clients. My job is really varied because it combines customer service with professional support in the field of BI. I work with the development department on the existing innovations in the field and on the product, and I’m exposed to a lot of knowledge. As a technical support person for a company product I’m considered part of the development department, and work closely with the vice president of development and the manager of the products department. There’s a lot of trust between me and my managers and I have all of the tools I need to carry out my job as best I can.”

Human Resources Manager Shiri Mausner talks about Point of View:
“Point of View is a leading BI development company founded in 2003 by three partners – Gil Avrahami, who serves as CEO, Shachar Zer, manager of the products department, and Eran, the vice president of development. The company provides BI solutions for hundreds of customers in Israel and abroad.”

How is recruitment conducted? What kind of person were you hoping to find for the job?
“The job profile was quite rare since the candidate we were looking for had to have experience both in BI development and technical support. Despite the difficulty involved in locating such a candidate – and one who would also be able to fit into a smallish, close-knit company – we received a lot of resumes. From the very start we marked Ophir as a suitable candidate thanks to the spark in his eyes and the enthusiasm and motivation he displayed during the interviews. The willingness he showed, along with his professionalism and the connection we made in the interview, quickly led us to a decision to hire him. So far Ophir has come through with nice output and we’re very pleased with him!”

To what extent does your cooperation with Jobnet contribute to the company?
“This is our second year of fruitful cooperation with the Jobnet site, which we consider one of our main recruitment sources. Every day we receive focused, quality resumes that closely match the job profiles. In my opinion Jobnet has proven itself, so somebody looking for work will start by visiting the Jobnet site, which contains a large number of positions.”

Ophir, what are the advantages of working at a medium-size company with a staff of 30 employees compared to a large department with many departments?
“First of all, as a medium-size company Point of View is like a BI community, so there’s a lot of information-sharing among the employees and more extensive opportunities for advancement. Also, there’s an open-door policy, accessibility and informal work relations. Secondly, due to its size and character, Point of View is a warm, intimate company that invests in its employees and attaches a lot of importance to retaining them and keeping them happy. The management holds a lot of enjoyable social activities, in addition to seeing to workers’ professional development.”

Do you feel you’ve come to the right place?
“Definitely. Point of View is an innovative company and a leader in business intelligence. The most notable advantage is the emphasis it places on the employees’ professional training and advancement. I feel I’ve arrived at a place where I’ll be able to develop, learn, gain expertise and advance in rank in a short time span. Another advantage is the size of the company. Because it’s not too big I can get exposed to a lot of fields, make myself heard, have an impact and contribute to its success. The close-knit environment among the staff members and the fact that everybody knows everybody else contributes to the good feeling I have when I come in to work in the morning.”

What advice do you have for jobseekers?
“I think the key to finding a job lies in writing your resume correctly and of course timing and supply and demand. I wrote and rewrote my resume 17 times and showed it to dozens of people for proofreading and editing so that it would market me in the most appealing way possible. I think editing the little details can make the difference and led to interviews, which is half the work.”

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