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Success Story – Eran Shivi, E2K Coordinator, Fritz Companies Ltd. / Hadas Shimoni

For the past two years Eran Shivi, 30, has been working as an E2K (information system) coordinator at Fritz Companies Ltd., a unique job he found through the Jobnet site. Eran, whose dream was to become a veterinarian or an academic, studied biology in college, but several years ago decided to switch to the IT world. During his studies he worked as a sales representative at an international shipping company. Following his retraining he was hired to fill a new position at Fritz Companies that combines technologic abilities with shipping and logistics.

On Fritz Companies, a part of the UPS Israel Group:
Fritz Companies, the leader in global logistics services, develops, assimilates and implements solutions at the technological vanguard that encompass the various components involved in managing the material in the logistical supply chain. The company is considered a leader in international shipping and the supply chain in Israel, with 18 years of experience. Fritz Israel has 1,500 customers active in various areas of logistics. The client list includes HP, Indigo, Teva, Nice, Lumanis, Netafim, Nike, etc.

The company currently employs over 400 workers in six offices and three logistical sites. At the beginning of 2001 Fritz worldwide was acquired by UPS and today it forms an integral part of UPS Supply Chain Solutions worldwide.

Eran Shivi at the Fritz Companies offices

Why did you decide to switch your career from life sciences to high-tech?
“I’m a pragmatist who likes to see output and immediate results. Unlike the academic world, IT is dynamic and processes take place quickly. As a researcher I would have to wait many years to see the fruits of my labor. Also, ever since childhood I’ve connected with the world of computing, and my IDF service as a communications officer further strengthened my transition to the IT world. So I took various courses in computer infrastructures, network management and software testing.

“Before I came to Fritz I had a job where I was in charge of imports at a company that imports medical equipment products. The work method served me as a training ground because of the strict adherence to import laws. After less than a year I decided to leave.”

Why did you decide to leave after just one year?
“I acquired a lot of know-how in imports and exports, but the antiquated working methods employed at the company were not for me. The work was too intensive over time and made me burn out, so I started looking around for work while continuing to hold down my job.”

Where did you send your resume to?
“I focused on the Jobnet site and personnel companies, which had proven themselves to me in the past as effective job-search tools. I got help from friends I knew from shipping companies and sent my resume to a personnel coordinator who knew me personally.”

Which kinds of jobs did you apply for?
“I sent my resume out in a focused manner for positions that offered a combination of IT and shipping. I was looking for a job that included technical work and high-tech systems, along with interactive fieldwork with people at a dynamic shipping company. Every day I would visit websites and send out my resume with a personalized cover letter in which I related the background and experience I had acquired over the years. I received a lot of offers for sales and management jobs – import manager or sales manager – but I insisted on finding a job related to computers.”

You spent several years working at shipping companies. Were you familiar with Fritz Companies?
“A few years ago I came in to Fritz for an interview for a job handling air exports. The recruitment coordinator at the time, Yonaton Shertzer, was impressed with my capabilities, experience and know-how, but the job description didn’t meet my expectations. A year later Yonaton came across my resume again. This time the job included a technological background, and he decided to call me in for an interview.”

How was the recruitment process for the job of E2K coordinator conducted?
“Yonaton called me and based on the information from the previous interview he shortened the process, inviting me in for an interview with the CEO right away. During the interview the CEO told me about the new job, which had never existed previously, and about the E2K program, which was being introduced at Fritz for the first time. I was expected to build the position from scratch, studying the program independently with the goal of eventually assimilating it into the company. The job, which included a rare combination of development and work with many figures in the shipping business, really appealed to me. A short time later Yonaton notified me I had been hired.” 

What kind of a program is E2K?
“E2K is an information system that UPS operates around the world. The system manages work processes at the shipping company, from the time an order is made until the task is complete. My job is to serve as the company liaison responsibility for all matters related to E2K, from operating the program, understanding it and assimilating it among the employees to building new processes that result from it.”

Yonaton Shertzer, now training manager of the company, how was the placement process for the job conducted?
“The recruitment process took a short time because the professional requirements were a rare combination of qualities calling for a candidate with a very specific profile. There was no need for serious screening at an assessment center, but we did have the candidates do a graphology assessment, which evaluated their personality and professionalism. Also, since it was a multifaceted, company-wide job, every candidate found suitable underwent a comprehensive interview with the CEO.”

What were the considerations that led you to hire Eran?
“Most of all the spark in his eyes, his motivation and his eagerness to get things done. We were looking for an energetic, inquisitive person with excellent interpersonal abilities who loves working with systems. Eran was a perfect match, both in terms of his personality and the demands of the job – he specialized in IT theory and had a background in shipping. He immediately stood out as a candidate who could man the post successfully.”

Eran, how did your first days at the company go?
“Since it’s a new position that had never been manned before, most of my learning was independent, with guidance and training on the shipping world, which is Fritz Companies’ specialty. Fritz’ training system is highly developed and organized, so all of the employees – new workers and company veterans – frequently take advanced courses and training programs.
As an E2K coordinator I provide a unique service. The job transverses the company, so most of the processes at the company touch on this system, and that’s where its importance lies.”

How would you describe the work environment at Fritz?
“Fritz Companies is typified by teamwork based on a commitment and dedication to the success of the company. There is full confidence in the management, people are treated as individuals and interactions are eye-to-eye. What people say and what they think are one and the same. There is no dissonance. I’ve been at Fritz for two years and have seen constant, but stable, growth.”

After two years would you say you’re happy with your job and with how the company operates?
“Definitely. From my first days at the company I received professional support and personal attention from the CEO. In addition to know-how, professionalism and an international operation, I enjoy working with the various interfaces at the company and see a professional future and many directions for development at Fritz. There’s also a sense of forward progress, dynamism and innovation. Every day I learn new things and am exposed to new issues. There’s never a dull moment. I think any company would do well to conduct itself like Fritz, which is a stable, prestigious and sophisticated company where everything gets done at eye level.”

What advice do you have for jobseekers?
“In my opinion when you send out resumes the candidate should be focused and directed toward a certain field. Also, since oftentimes the human resources department receives enormous numbers of resumes written in a banal way, I recommend adding a cover letter to the text of the e-mail message, including your first name, your area of expertise and your professional background. I believe this addition is very effective and creates a personal framework for subsequent communication with the human resources department.”

Roital Levy, a staff member from Fritz’ human resources department, describes the company’s cooperation with Jobnet:
“The most notable advantage of the Jobnet site is definitely the ability to find focused resumes that precisely match the professional profile for the job. The site’s resume screening service provides a solution that meets our needs and reduces the workload. We’re very pleased. Fritz is constantly growing and therefore anticipates years of cooperation with the Jobnet site.”

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